Lindsay Harris

Folded paper drawings

Shadows are integral to my work. Drawing the three-dimensional work tonally allows me to develop its meaning further, visualising ideas which, in turn, might lead to new developments.

* Denotes that the artwork is available for sale please email me for more information

ascent iii

*Ascent III

ascent iv

*Ascent IV

ascent i

*Ascent I

ascent ii

*Ascent II

assembly iii

*Assembly III

duo i

*Duo I

duo ii

*Duo II

duo iii

*Duo III

paper space i

*Paper space I

shadow drawing iv

*Shadow drawing IV

paper sculpture drawing i

*Paper sculpture drawing I

paper sculpture drawing vi

*Paper sculpture drawing VI

breaking the mould (detail of installation)

Breaking the Mould (detail of installation)