Lindsay Harris

St Audry's Hospital Melton

I “haunted” this enormous, empty site - originally built as a workhouse but more recently a psychiatric hospital - for about two years in the early ‘90s.

The experience was unforgettable, and the work dubbed “spirit of place” by viewers, many of whom had worked at St Audry’s when it was far from empty.

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towards the light

Towards the Light

hanging around

Hanging Around

outside in

Outside In

diagonal descent

Diagonal Descent

double entry

*Double Entry

main staircase iii

*Main staircase III

uncertain passage

Uncertain Passage

better days

Better Days





cul de sac

Cul de Sac



short ascent

*Short Ascent

down and up

Down and Up

doors ii

*Doors II

grand design

*Grand Design

downward spiral

Downward Spiral

main staircase i

*Main Staircase I

study for maze

Study for Maze

curtain call

*Curtain Call

looking out

Looking Out



private room ii

Private Room II

upward glance

*Upward glance

looking up

Looking Up

the landing

*The Landing



light at the end of the tunnel

*Light at the end of the tunnel

memento i

Memento I

memento ii

*Memento II

memento iii

*Memento III

memento vi

*Memento VI

memento v

*Memento V

memento iv

Memento IV

twisted ascent

Twisted Ascent

the green room

The Green Room