Lindsay Harris


They are the source of the light which is so much a part of my work: the eyes of buildings; mementoes of places, people and events.

at the margin v

At the Margin V

barcelona morning i

Barcelona Morning I

barcelona morning  ii

*Barcelona Morning II

blue sill  ii

Blue Sill II

blue sill iii

Blue Sill III

bright morning

*Bright Morning

casey’s ii

*Casey’s II



casey’s i

Casey’s I

fenderesky’s iii

*Fenderesky’s III

fenderesky’s iv

*Fenderesky’s IV

fenderesky’s v

Fenderesky’s V

first light ii

*First Light II

incoming light ii

*Incoming Light II

kitchen sill i

*Kitchen Sill I

kitchen window i

*Kitchen Window I

lancaster light

Lancaster Light

late afternoon iii

*Late Afternoon III

late afternoon v

*Late Afternoon V

lesley’s i

*Lesley’s I

lesley’s ii

*Lesley’s II

on the inside

*On the Inside

sunday morning huddersfield

*Sunday Morning, Huddersfield

through the window

*Through the Window