Lindsay Harris

Constructions – Recent

After a period of drawing, this work marks a return to the use of manipulated sheet materials (mainly paper).

It starts with the exploration of simple geometry, and is then developed according to what evolves.

* Denotes that the artwork is available for sale please email me for more information

assembly i shadows

Assembly I shadows

assembly i (detail of work in progress)

Assembly I (detail of work in progress)

assembly ii shadows

Assembly II shadows

assembly i (work in progress)

Assembly I (Work in progress)

breaking the mould

*Breaking the Mould



breaking the mould

Breaking the Mould





shell forms

*Shell forms

blue goblets

*Blue goblets

blue pots

*Blue pots

red squeezebox

*Red squeezebox

archive ii a

*Archive II a

archive ii b

*Archive II b

archive ii c

*Archive II c

spiral form

*Spiral form

spiral form

Spiral form

open spiral

Open Spiral

aluminium twist red

*Aluminium twist, red

aluminium twist short

*Aluminium twist, short